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1. Name nicole
2. Age 13
3. Sex female
4. Location saskatoon
5. Dating Status: ie: married, single, taken single
6. Favourite Singer/Band: n/a
7. Say Something Random: i am special and i don't no why
8. Tell us the craziest thing you've ever done: n/a
9. What's the most crucial issue the world faces today? drugs and popularity
10. What's your opinon on the whole popularity issues that school's face these days?
11. How did you hear about us? my friend
12. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself: i have blonde hair
13. Who did you promote us to? *I do check* _xxx_angel
14.fave band/ singer n/a
15.abortion n/a
16. what do u think about drugs? bad bad thing
17. what would you want to change about ure self and why? nothing its all good
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