acroqueen (snlchicka) wrote in pretty_gurls,

trendy chicka

1. Name Darilyn
2. Age 14
3. Sex female the classy race
4. Location north carolina usa
5. Dating Status: ie: married, single, taken single and loving it
6. Favourite Singer/Band:Lindsay lohan
7. Say Something Random:I am special
8. Tell us the craziest thing you've ever done:Do my hip hop dance in front of hundreds of people
9. What's the most crucial issue the world faces today?Gay marriage,gas prices abortion.
10. What's your opinon on the whole popularity issues that school's face these days?I think its stupid.
11. How did you hear about us?I lnik on a fashion site
12. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself:I love to help pets at the shelter,plus im on dance team
13. Who did you promote us to? *I do check*Cphillps
14.fave band/ singerLindsay lohan
15.abortion I belive its wrong,if they have sex they know the chances so i think its wrong
16. what do u think about drugs?Terrible,so many young ones are doing it its sad
17. what would you want to change about ure self and why?That im a little too shy
18. add 3 pics of ure self,scanners broke i will have them by tuesday.
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